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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wind Amulet & (ANNOYING) Glitch

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is for the Wind Armour and it is the Wind Amulet! I think it looks pretty cool! Here it is!

Also this glitch keeps happening to me in Adventures:

The pipe is not actually POURING into the water and that is why the water is CLEAN! This glitch is SO annoying! And it won't let you plug the pipe! >:(

Anyways, bye for now!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Giant Bubblegum Machine

I only have time for a really quick post right now, sorry. Anyways, today's new items is a really cool (my opinion) GIANT BUBBLEGUM MACHINE! It looks like this:

As I said, short post now so bye Jammers!

Wind Helmet

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late post but I will post about yesterday (this post) now and above this post you will see today's post. So yesterday's new item was a Wind Helmet for the Wind Armour 
(like Phoenix Armour but WIND Armour) and that was the focus of yesterday's Jamaa Journal as you can see in this screenshot...

You can get the Wind Helmet in the Diamond Shop for 2 diamonds as you can see in this screenshot...

And when all of the Wind Armour comes out your animal will look something like this...

Also, something I'm SO happy about is... (scroll down)


And another thing is that the DE posted about Awesome Jammer Art:

By: Doctor Magicmoon

By: Little Bravegirl

By: Master Arcticwolf

By: Princess Windymoon

By: Sparkle Berrywolf

Congrats guys on getting your artwork on the Daily Explorer!

Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stack of Books

Hey Jammers! So, today's new item (to add to your "school") (if you're doing one XD) is a Stack of Books! Now your students can read (or maybe those are textbooks for you to pass out?) and if you want, you can check out my school themed den!

Oh, and also, sorry for the late post! (but I'll be posting late for a while)

See you in Jamma sometime!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teacher's Desk

Hey Jammers! With today's new item, you'd be able to make a pretty convincing "school" in your den! It's a teacher's desk! You can get it for 550 gems in Jam Mart Furniture.

I gotta go now, Jammers so... bye!

Monday, August 26, 2013

RIM- Rare Nerd Glasses

As most of you probably guessed, this week's Rare Item is Rare Nerd Glasses! You can buy them from Jam Mart Clothing for 950 gems! So all you "nerds" out there, this is for you!

Sorry, I g2g (AGAIN, I KNOW!) so bye for now Jammers!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


You guys rock! Thanks so much for the 30 page views in one day! Also, thanks for the 314 (and counting) page views in total! =D


Hey Jammers! So, today in Jam Mart Furniture you can get this cool (I think it's cool) chalkboard! It's 400 gems (and it's for nonmembers!) and it seems like the language written on it is maybe... Jamaasian? I wonder what it says...

Again, I have to go now I'm sorry so bye for now!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shell Armour

Sorry I didn't post for a while, I just didn't go on the computer for a while so I wasn't up-to-date with all the happenings in Jamaa. So anywho, today's new (maybe returning item? I don't remember exactly) is Shell Armour! You can buy it in Bahari bargains (members only) for 350 gems! Picture:

I would post more but I'm sort of out of time now so...

Bye for now Jammers!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Giant Kangaroo Plushie

YAY! Finally a NONMEMBER item in the Diamond Shop! I'm SOOO gonna buy 1! (Cuz it's 1 diamond and I have 1 diamond XD) So anywayz, I like it! It's pretty cute. So yea for those of you that wanna see what it looks like, here it iz!

And, uh, I've sorta gotten behind on Animal Jam stuff but anywayz for those of you that want to be really rare, go play an adventure in hard mode a few (more than a few) times and you can get items like NM Pirate Swords, Worns, Rare Bows (yep they're back!), and more! I find it sort of unfair because Jammers worked so hard to get all the Betas and Rares and now you can easily get them from Adventures. :(  

And More newz:

I GOT A NM PIRATE SWORD FROM SKY HIGH I'M SOOO HAPPY!!! IF YOU'RE WONDERING I GOT IT BY GETTING 126 GEMS!!! XD XD XD XD. Oh and if you think I'm bragging, I'm not but I'm just really happy and I wanted to spread the news to you all! So please no comments saying that I'm bragging or something, PLEEZ! I'll put a pic of me with my Sword (it's green) on here but right now I'm gonna have to do something so I don't have time to do it right now.

*EDIT*  Here are 2 pics of my Pirate Sword!

YAY. My sig is back. I totally forgot about something VERY handy called... *dramatic music* COPY AND PASTE.

Change of Plans

Hey guys... I've had a change of plans. I'm really sorry but if I re-did all of the posts that I missed it would take like... FOREVER. So... again, sorry but I'm just going to start again from today, August 14, 2013 and keep going on and on and hopefully I wont miss as much again. So sorry guys!

bubble000pogo (still working on mah sig!) :D

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Sorry I haven't posted in like FOREVER Jammers! I was just really busy and stuff so I'll start posting starting from July 24th now! Thanks for your understanding!

bubble000pogo (I lost my signature! :(  But I'm making a new one! :D)