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I am thinking of deleting this tab... so please comment a "No" if you want me to keep this tab up, and a "Yes" if you think I should delete it! Since I rarely post on this, I feel like it's of no use anymore, and besides, I can just post this type of stuff on the main page. Comment below! Thanks guys! And here is the real post:

PLEASE READ THIS INTRODUCTION BLURB (Unless you already read it):

So... as you can see in the title, this page is going to be used ONLY for random A.J. related things. So yeah and you might be thinking... "Why don't you just post this stuff on the Home page?" and my answer is... I don't know.  :3  Also, whenever I do a new post on this page, that will go to the top of the page!


Just an Adventure tip for you Jammers... when you get to LEVEL 8, you get 4 hearts (lives) before you get "put into a deep sleep" which can be pretty handy sometimes! As you can see, I got to level 8 and this is what it looked like...

As you can see, I have 4 hearts. 

That's it for now!!!


Hey Jammers! So, I just wanted to tell you that if you want to submit a video, picture, or whatever that is ANIMAL JAM RELATED so I can put on the bottom of each post, you can do so by sending it to animaljamripple@gmail.com and I will add whatever credit you tell me to add and whatever you want me to say about the pic,vid,etc.


Hi Jammers!  Two days ago I wanted to get rid of one of my Nonmember Scary Bat Wings so I did and so I decided to show you the Jammer I gave it to and what she said about me after in this screenshot.  The first picture (top left) is the Jammer I gave it to, the second picture (top right) is the little "Dance Party" we did at the end to celebrate who-knows-what, and the third picture (the only one left) is what she said about me which made me SO happy! =D


  1. Hey bubble000polo. It's me again.. I can't figure out how to send my pic to u. (Don't judge me I am only 9). Can you please tell me how....

    1. Hey Calyx! Sorry I'm replying late DX But if you want to send me a picture, just put that picture on your desktop (it makes it easier for me) and then start a new email to animaljamripple@gmail.com. After you do that, you can click the attach button and find your picture on the desktop. If this doesn't help, please tell me! I can post about it with picture if you'd like! ^.^



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