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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Glitchy Speakers

Hello! Sorry for missing posting yesterday! Also, today is just going to be a quick post, so let's do this!

Today's new items is the Glitchy Speaker, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 500 gems! Like the other "Glitchy" den items, this has pretty cool animation if I do say so myself!

Looks: *****
Price: ****
Jamaasian: ***

How about today you comment below what you would rate this item? ^_^

That's all for today jammers! Be sure to check the Clearance Tab incase anything is leaving today, unfortunately I don't have time to post about what's leaving and check around Jamaa! 

Bye :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Glitchy Bookshelf+Rare Tavie Charm Necklace

Hello Jammers!

Today's new item to yet again add to your glitchy den collection is the Glitchy Bookshelf, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 700 gems!

Pretty cool! And I like how some books disappear from time to time... I wonder what they're about?

Looks: ***
Price: ****
Jamaasian: ***
Overall Score: 10/15

Today's RARE ITEM MONDAY is found in AJ's 5th Birthday Party, so I wasn't able to actually take a picture of one, but here's the post from the Daily Explorer!

It's a cool Rare Tavie Charm Necklace! Hopefully you can catch the party and get one!

The Clearance Tab was updated yesterday, and I may be able to update it again today... but for now, make sure you get yourself a cute Scented Candle before it leaves today!

That's all for today Jammers! See you next time!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Glitchy Portrait

Well, it's been over a month, and I'm very very sorry! But let's just get to the fun stuff!

Today's new item is the Glitchy Portrait, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 600 gems!

Looks: ****
Price: ***
Jamaasian: ***

This would be a nice addition to my glitchy den... if only I was a member >:(

Also, while you're having a shopping spree at Jam Mart Furniture, be sure to get yourself a Vine Flower Lamp before it leaves today!

I will hopefully update the Clearance Tab as well today! ^.^

Today is the LAST DAY to turn in your entry to win 5 diamonds in the Lynx Diamond Challenge! Be sure to get it in before 9 PM MST for a change to win! Good Luck! Click HERE to read more!

I have also been getting many Jam-A-Grams asking if I still have Bat Wings (you'll know why if you read one of my posts in another tab). Unfortunately, I no longer have any, so sorry about that! :(

Sorry guys, but no :(

Bye Jammers! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Princess Vanity and Overflow

Hello Jammers!

Today's new item (actually items) are the Princess Vanity, sold for 850 gems in Epic Wonders:

Looks ***
Price ***
Jamaasian *
Overall Score 7/15
This Vanity is very un-Jamaasian, and is a bit too girly for my liking. The price isn't too expensive, but it could probably be worth less, if only they didn't put it in Epic Wonders!

As well as Overflow, sold for 400 gems in the Arcade Shop!

Get it today to complete your den's arcade!

Looks *****
Price *****
Jamaasian *****
Overall Score 15/15
I mean what can you say, it's an original Animal Jam arcade game! ;D

Today is the last day to get the Space Airlock! Get it quicky before it leaves!

That seems to be it for today, jammers! And of course sorry for not posting in forever! Thanks again for the 10,000+ views, it means a lot!

Until next time, 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Suck at Promises!

Aaaand again, I broke my promise of actually posting... oops! 
I'll get back asap, hopefully by tomorrow! Sorry guys and thanks for being loyal and viewing!! I've gotten about 140 views since the last time I posted so I really appreciate it more than you know it! 


Friday, June 26, 2015

Freedom Hood With Feather+Almost 1,000 views!

What's up Jammers? Sorry as usual for not posting this past week, but here I am again! Unfortunately, I won't be posting all of the items I missed, but only today's item. Anywho, today's item found in the Freedom Party is the Freedom Hood With Feather, sold for 650 gems!

Looks like a pretty cool Freedom-themed Robin Hood hood (redundant much?) =_=

Haha, but anyway, we'll have to be saying goodbye to the paint roller and tray today! The rest of the artist/painting-themed items will probably soon be gone, so make sure to complete the collection (if you want to, of course ^.^)

GREAT AJR Blog News:
WE ARE ABOUT TO REACH 1,000 VIEWS, AND WE CURRENTLY HAVE 9,992!! EIGHT MORE VIEWS UNTIL OUR SECOND MILESTONE (first one was 100 views)!! I can't thank you all enough for supporting my pretty lame blog (haha since I never post and since when I do post they are sucky posts) but anyway THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!

No siggy atm, so bye!!


P.S. Thanks again!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finally Actually Back+Sand Rug and Window

Hey Jammers! You don't know how glad I am to finally be back, and to see that you loyal Jammers have actually been checking back here often to see if I made any postings! We're up to 9000+ views! So, I'm glad to be back and I'll do my very best to post every day, and if not, once a week AT THE LEAST. Let's see how this goes! ^.^

Anyway, the first news is the brand new sand items today! Both are found in Jam Mart Furniture. This is the Sand Rug:

It is sold for 450 gems each, and comes in star, heart, flower, and clover designs!

This is the Sand Window, sold for 500 gems:
The view looks so relaxing! ♥

The Clearance tab has been updated, and if you go check it out you'll see that the Bubble Emitter is leaving today, so be sure to get yours from Sunken Treasures before it does leave!

That should be it for today! Also, please type in the comments any songs you'd like to hear when you come to the blog (I've added new songs today) and I'll see what I can do! Make sure they're appropriate songs though!

See you tomorrow Jammers! And welcome my new weird Google search engine style siggy! I'll probably be changing it very soon XD  Bye!