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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finally Actually Back+Sand Rug and Window

Hey Jammers! You don't know how glad I am to finally be back, and to see that you loyal Jammers have actually been checking back here often to see if I made any postings! We're up to 9000+ views! So, I'm glad to be back and I'll do my very best to post every day, and if not, once a week AT THE LEAST. Let's see how this goes! ^.^

Anyway, the first news is the brand new sand items today! Both are found in Jam Mart Furniture. This is the Sand Rug:

It is sold for 450 gems each, and comes in star, heart, flower, and clover designs!

This is the Sand Window, sold for 500 gems:
The view looks so relaxing! ♥

The Clearance tab has been updated, and if you go check it out you'll see that the Bubble Emitter is leaving today, so be sure to get yours from Sunken Treasures before it does leave!

That should be it for today! Also, please type in the comments any songs you'd like to hear when you come to the blog (I've added new songs today) and I'll see what I can do! Make sure they're appropriate songs though!

See you tomorrow Jammers! And welcome my new weird Google search engine style siggy! I'll probably be changing it very soon XD  Bye!

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