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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Silver Chain Necklace and Wind Tail Armour

Hey Jammers! Sorry about the delay in posting (as I mentioned in the last post) but I'm BACK! So today's TWO new items (both pretty awesome in my opinion) are a NONMEMBER (YAY!) Silver Chain Necklace that some jammers have been getting from Adventures and The Wind Tail Armour from the Diamond Shop. The Silver Chain Necklace can be purchased from Jam Mart Clothing for 600 gems and the Wind Tail Armour from the Diamond shop for 2 Diamonds. I was expecting the Necklace to be sold in Epic Wonders 'cause it's SILVER but I guess I was wrong! Anybody else think it'd be sold in Epic Wonders?  Well, anywho, these are the items!

 I G2G now Jammers!


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