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Monday, October 28, 2013

RIM-Rare Scary Elf Bracelets

Hey Jammers! Today's rare item is... Rare Scary Elf Bracelets! They are sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 800 gems!

They look pretty good, if I do say so myself! If anybody has extras, I'd really appreciate it if you traded it/sent it to me!  Also, I got scammed AGAIN! Let me fill in one of those scammer form things (like I did with nhlmaster below)

What was scammed:Black Jamaaliday Bow (not bow & arrow)
How it happened: xrarestgirleverx told me to send her the Bow and she would give me a rare spike (in trade though) so I sent her it and then she said she DIDN'T GET IT! Then she told me to send something else. And she never gave me the spike. So yeah, I really need to get a brain and stop getting scammed! lol.

Anywho, that's pretty much it for now! 

P.S. Do you like the phantom statue background on my blog?

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