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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hat and Beard+Bells

Hey Jammers! Forgive me for my LONG break, but with exams coming up, I'll probably be doing that a LOT. Anywho, today's returning item is the Hat & Beard, sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 150 gems! Colors:

SPOILER ALERT! Today's Jamaaliday gift is... HOLIDAY BELLS!!! They're very Christmas-y!

Countdown Until Christmas: 10 DAYS
Countdown Until the New Year (2014!): 16 DAYS

And instead of Q.O.T.D's I'll be changing the name to Comment Call, thank you to the Animal Jam Sky Blog for the idea!

COMMENT CALL: What do YOU think the Jamaaliday gift on Christmas is going to be? Do you think the bow and arrows from last year will turn RARE?

1)More AJ blogs tab (changed name and added more blogs to the list)
2)1,915 views!!!
3)New tab, coming soon!

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