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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pet Stuffs (lol "stuffs")

Hey Jammers! 3 new pet items today! Two of them are in the shop on the ground, but one item has to be purchased at the top shop. The first bottom shop (called the Pets Only Shop) item is the Pet Beach Towel, sold for 300 gems! These are the colors:

The second item, also sold in the main floor shop, is the Pet Diner Stool, sold for 250 gems. Here are the colors:

And the last item, sold in the shop for flying pets, is the Pet Stone Chair, sold for 500 gems. You can only change the gem on the chair's color. Here are the gem colors:

So that's it for today!

P.S. Do you like me doing the gifs? In case you don't know what a gif is, it's the thing where I show the colors of the item (that's not the definition of a gif XD)

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