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Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey Jammers! We got to 1,000 (actually more) views! Thanks for all your support! I'll give out party details soon! Also, I've seen this on some people's trade lists...

It's the turquoise ring that can be purchased in Epic Wonders... but it appears to be glitched. I've seen some Jammers going around saying that these are worth a lot and telling people to trade really good. 
Here's an example:

Also, as you can see in the above picture, it looks as if that is my buddy, but when I checked my buddy list:

None of my buddies were on, but it was saying that she was my buddy! Weird. That's happened to me like 3 times now.

So yeah, just thanks again for 1,000+ views and keep reading for party details!!!!

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