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Friday, January 24, 2014

Lots of New Stuff that I missed!

Hello! I'm BAAAAACK! Well, at least for today...

~Today's new item:

~Past New Items that I (may have) missed:

~Like the Rainbow Colored Words?~

~Anyway, I'll be starting a fashion show! Anybody can enter   (as long as you plaAnimal Jam)! All you have to do is take a screenshot of your animal that is entering thshow, and somehow get the image to me.  Each day, I'll get people to comment owho they'd like to    eliminate, and the winner will get a prize!~

~You can send your entry to animaljamripple@gmail.com, or somehow else!

We'll start this show once we get a few entries!

Hope you enter!~

>>>αиʏ мʏ ιттɛ ρσиʏ ғαиƨ σʋт тнɛяɛ? Ƭнɛ  иɛϰт          ɛριƨσɛ, тняɛɛ'ƨ α cяσω, cσмɛƨ σʋт  тσмσяяσω, ʝαиʋαяʏ 25!<<<

~I know there are quite a few MLP fans here! My friends! Pinkie, AJ, and Rarity, plus me, Rainbow Dash, are all here! We just need Twi and Flutters to visit this WONDERFUL place! LOL.~

~I will try to post the episode on here tomorrow, but if the video I post has sort of bad audio, then sorry but I did my best AND I posted it anyway! But we'll see, I'll TRY to get to it but if I don't then I'm REALLY sorry! I'm about 99% sure that I will post it though!~

~Thanks for Reading! Hope to see you tomorrow... with your fashion show entries~

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