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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lots of Updates!

Hey Jammers! Sorry I didn't post for a while, but I'm back for update day! First of all, the Jamaa Journal:

So first of all, YAY that rhinos are back, but NAY that they are only for members :(

Here are some screenshots from "In Too Deep":

Like Boomseeds, Whirlpearl Clams (shown above) get rid of phantoms!

The plants on the ocean walls will light up when you get close to them.

The four sharks to save.

Sharks only passage.

What I got from the sharks only passage (bleh.)

Watch out around these! Phantoms come out of them!

Swirl to open the thingy...

A phantom factory.

Swirl on the valve on the factory (you have to repeat it a few times with different factories).

After swirling, you will be able to click this red button which destroys the factory.

Sorry to end now, but I never got to complete the adventure... hee hee...

In Too Deep Adventure Rewards
Top Left: Bioluminescent Coral
Top Right: Phantom Factory Pipe
Bottom Left: Whirlpearl Clam
Bottom Right: 1,000 gems

Also, today's new item is the Horse Claw, sold in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds! I see what AJ is doing... 

I'm sorry, but I have to go now! But just so you know, new blogs have been added to the "More AJ Blogs" tab!

Jam On!


  1. Wow!

    In Too Deep looks so cool when you show all those pictures! Amazing!

    1. Thanks! I should really comment on your blog sometimes! I really appreciate all your comments!


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